Dreamy Skies

April 10, 2012

Somewhere between earth and sky,
There is a place I like to fly.

I see the ocean flat and blue,
The fields are covered in dark green hue.

The cloudy shadows, dim and bright.
The orange and red, that veils the night.

The starry sky, above, below.
Amber, green, red lights aglow.

We chase the sun, upon earths seam.
Our wings hold up our fading dream.

I wake, and suddenly I see,
I’m not where I’d dreampt I’d be.

The captains seat, an office chair,
Cockpit a desk, and stationaire.

It’s not my dream, it’s where lifes led.
But when at last I rest my head,

I’ll drift away and close my eyes,
And again return to dreamy skies.

– John